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Hello! Welcome to  2 Cann’s Dog Boarding kennels. I am Luann, and my husband, Evert, and I have lifelong ties to Gladwin County. Our families were born and raised here. Even though I was born and raised in Saginaw and, Evert was born and raised in Lincoln Park, we were both up here with our families throughout our lives. Evert served 28 years as a firefighter with the Lincoln Park Fire Department and I worked for the Dept of Agriculture for 22 years.

I moved to Gladwin permanently in 1980 to raise my two boys among my family and friends. Evert and I met and then married in 1989. Evert retired from the fire department in 1993 and moved to Gladwin permanently.  We moved into the “ole family homestead” where the family has been for over 100 years.

In 2006, we decided that we would do something different to generate household income; something we loved to do and could do at home.Since Evert and I are both out-of-doors people and love animals, our family and friends encouraged us to establish a dog boarding business. There were no boarding facilities in the immediate vicinity, so we agreed it would be a good venture. And we already had 4 dogs of our own, so several more would fit right in.

You will see as you browse here, that our home and business is located on wonderful rural acres in Gladwin County (about halfway between the City of Gladwin and West Branch). No busy highways, no hustle ‘n hassle, just a gravel road and 40 acres to romp and play. We have clean spacious indoor kennels with 3 fenced in play areas for the dogs protection and comfort. Plus….. tons of love and affection from me. Enjoy your visit here at our Website, and then come visit us at our home and 2 Cann’s Dog Boarding.

2 Canns Dog Boarding comes from the fact that our last name is Cann and there are 2 of us..thus 2 Canns. 

“I live my life in the loving company of my husband and dogs…wow.” ~Luann



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